School Bus Passes & Transport Assistance Scheme

Do you need to apply for a school bus pass?

The Queensland Government’s School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS) provides assistance to enable eligible school students to attend education facilities.

There are two types of assistance available to students travelling on bus services to school:

  • Distance based assistance
  • Safety-net assistance

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FAQs & handy tips to get you started

Once you are familiar with the application process and steps to get you started, you will find the ‘apply now’ button located towards the bottom of the STAS Apply for school transport assistance page.

After you’ve successfully lodged your application online, information will be generated by the Department of Transport and Main Roads to your local CDC office in Kunda Park, Sunshine Coast or Gladstone for processing.

Please note: it is Department of Transport and Main Roads policy that STAS applications for students placed under a Child Protection Order by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services must be made using the paper application form relevant to the transport assistance. This form can be found once you commence your application online.

Typically, you can expect your application to be processed within a few weeks however this may take longer during peak demand periods, such as the start of the school year.

It’s a great idea to get your application in early – we suggest lodging at the end of the prior school year if you’d like to avoid delays with the start of year rush.

Once we have processed your application, the Department of Transport and Main Roads will send you a letter advising you of your success, or otherwise.

CDC Sunshine Coast: If successful, your child’s pass will be issued by us and sent to their school for collection.

CDC Gladstone: If successful, your child’s pass can be collected in person from our depot or you may request for the pass to be collected by your child from their bus driver.

Ensure you read the Eligibility Criteria and Terms & Conditions and before applying. Examples of common issues that can cause delays include residing outside the CDC bus services area; residing under the minimum distance threshold; and not possessing or disclosing a valid health care concession card.

Students without a state school in their local area may be eligible for distance-based assistance if:

  • their nearest state primary school is more than 3.2km away;
  • their nearest state secondary school is more than 4.8km away;
  • non-state school students must live the required distance from both the nearest state and non-state school.

All measurements are by the shortest trafficable route and are based on the nearest school which offers the required year level.

If students reside too close to their school to qualify for distance-based assistance, they may still be eligible for STAS assistance if they are listed as a dependent on the applicant’s:

  • Health Care Card issued by the Department of Human Services (or hold their own Health Care Card)
  • Pensioner Concession Card issued by the Department of Human Services or Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Or if they are under a Child Protection Order by Child Safety Services

Applications must be the name of the cardholder and require evidence of eligibility. The cardholder must also agree to data-matching being performed with the Department of Human Services.

If you have received a letter stating the outcome of your application, and would like further assistance from your local CDC office, please contact us.