Gladstone Christmas Lights Tour

Christmas Lights Bus Tour 800x490 With Caption

With the festive season almost upon us, most of us probably have our festive season preparations well underway. And with this in mind, our Gladstone staff has again put their heads together and helped spread the Christmas cheer.

This time they volunteered to take senior citizens from the Edenvale aged-care facility on a bus tour, so they could get out and enjoy some of the wonderful Christmas light creatively displayed by some of the Gladstone residents.

Our Gladstone Branch Manager, Brett Wilkins said:

“Our staff love these events and a serious amount of planning is required to make them work. Firstly we have to identify where the best light displays are, and secondly, we have to devise the safest route for our buses to navigate the streets without causing any problems. Our staff, who volunteer their time, get a real buzz out of it and the residents get excited to see a bus load of cheering passengers coming down their street! Sadly we have to miss some really great displays as we physically cannot get a large bus down some of the streets.”

Buslink is proud to support our community and will continue to build our brand and reputation with all of the community.