Getting to Gladstone Schools

Helpful information on using CDC Queensland school bus services.

Kids Getting To School Via A CDC Gladstone Bus

What are my school bus options?

To view Gladstone school services including network maps and detailed route information, click here.

We strongly recommend that you check the website for any service changes prior to the beginning of term.

What are my fare options?

For travel on Gladstone school bus services, you will need either a:

  • Valid student bus pass
  • Passenger Fare Card (for non-subsidized passengers/ full fare paying passengers)
  • Cash

How do I apply for a student bus card?

The Queensland Government’s School Transport Assistance Scheme (STAS) provides assistance to enable eligible students to attend education facilities. To see if your child is eligible and to apply, click here.

I’m not eligible for a bus pass so how do I get a CDC Passenger Fare Card for students?

To apply for a CDC Passenger Fare Card, click here.

Need more help?

Gladstone Services
Call: 07 4972 1670
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