Buslink QLD Committed to Public Safety and Service Continuity

Buslink Queensland remains committed to providing essential public transport and school bus services, while implementing measures to maximise the health and safety of passengers and drivers.

Buffer Zone Social Tile

Many people rely on public transport to get to the shops, to get to medical appointments and to get to work, and therefore Buslink continues to work with and take direction from relevant Health and Public Transport authorities to do everything possible to keep drivers and passengers safe. 

Since Covid-19 reached Australia, Buslink have quickly and consistently adopted new measures to keep the community safe. 

Following best practice advice the following measures have been adopted:

Protecting our Passengers and Drivers:

In addition to following the national protocols for social distancing for travellers and people feeling unwell, Buslink is also:

  • With approval from the Qld Department of Transport, removing front rows to help with social distancing recommendations.
  • Implementing social distancing by discouraging driver’s from congregating in office and break areas, with reduced seating in some break areas.
  • Encouraging drivers to arrive at work on time (not early) to minimise socialising with other drivers.
  • Issuing hand sanitiser in depots and to all drivers.
  • Cleaning and sanitising inside of vehicles daily including mopping the floors with disinfectant, wiping the driver’s area and other surfaces that passengers regularly come in contact with disinfectant, and spraying all surfaces of the bus including the air-conditioning vents with sanitizer sprays.
  • ​​​Replicating the cleaning process in all buildings and structures within each of our depots including offices, driver areas, kitchens and bathroom/toilet facilities.​​​​​​​

Protecting the Workplace and Business Continuity

Buslink has not had any incident relating to COVID-19 and for that we are very thankful, but we wish to assure the public that we have response plans ready, should the situation escalate, to continue services. This includes:

  • Separation and split shifts for administration staff to minimise interactions and retain business continuity.
  • Temperature testing for employees, contractors and visitors is currently being rolled out
  • Restrictions on travel.
  • Postponement of large-scale events.
  • Remote working solutions including online technology for meetings and daily operations.
  • Training on social distancing, hygiene practices and other precautionary measures.
  • Our parent company, ComfortDelGro Corporation (CDC)  Australia, has established a national COVID-19 24×7 assistance hotline for all staff, whereby they can access medical advice around COVID-19.
  • Plans and processes for Level 3 and 4 restrictions

Buslink thanks all of our drivers for continuing to show up to work in such challenging times, and the local community for working together and respecting our drivers for the work they are doing to keep public transport operational.