Buslink supports Salvation Army free bus service

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Buslink is always looking for ways to support the local communities we operate in. One particular area we champion is volunteering our drivers to help charities and not for profit organisations.

Since May 2016, the Salvation Army has been running a free shuttle bus service to Darwin Correctional Centre (DCC) because, at present, there are no public transport services to take family and friends to visit inmates.

As the Salvation Army relies on volunteer drivers, we decided to lend a hand to this much-needed service. Starting Friday 25th November 2016, Buslink Darwin is volunteering a driver for one day a week.

Our donation has given the Salvos the resources to add one more day a week for this service. It has also had a great flow on effect with some of our drivers and transit carers deciding to volunteer their services in their own time.

We are very proud of the generosity our people have shown, and proud to be part of this programme.