Change to Timing Points on Bus 32

As you may be aware, we have been experiencing an increase in passenger numbers on Bus 32. We will be addressing these overcrowding issues by removing some bus stops throughout Boyne Island and Tannum Sands and reverting back to the original timetable which has the run starting at Tannum Central and travelling into Gladstone via Old Tannum Road, Pacific Ranch, Broadacres, Benaraby and Wurdong Heights.

We will also be taking the opportunity to adjust the timetable to align better with Chanel College’s new bell times.

As of Tuesday 19th April 2022, all morning pick-up times will be moved 10 minutes earlier.

In the afternoon, Bus 32 will be positioned at Gladstone State High in the bottom rank ready for a 3:10pm departure. This will have the bus at Chanel College for a 3:20pm departure.

This change is essential to ensure all passengers have access to safe and reliable bus travel. Please ensure your child is aware of the changes to avoid any confusion when the change takes effect on Tuesday 19th April 2022.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

New Bus Timetable for Bus 32 – From 19/04/22

7.30 amTannum Central3.10 pmGladstone State High
7.32 amSilverton Dr (#51)3.20 pmChanel College
7.33 amSilverton Dr (#6)3.28 pmToolooa High (opp)
7.35 amOld Tannum Rd (past Applin Pl)3.35 pmGlad-Benaraby Rd (Wakooka)
7.37 amBroadacres Rd (#7)3.37 pmOpp. Benaraby Nursery
7.38 amBroadacres Rd (#55)3.40 pmBenaraby State School
7.39 amBroadacres Rd (#75)3.43 pmBruce Hwy (opp. servo)
7.40amBroadacres Rd (#85)3.45 pmBroadacres Rd (#7)
7.41 amYacht Rd (#13)3.46 pmBroadacres Rd (#55)
7.42 amPlimsoll Crt (#13)3.47 pmBroadacres Rd (#75)
7.43 amPlimsoll Crt (#20)3.48 pmBroadacres Rd (#85)
7.48 amBruce Hwy (near servo)3.49 pmYacht Rd (#13)
7.50 amBenaraby State School3.50 pmPlimsoll Crt (#13)
7.55 amBenaraby Nursery3.51 pmPlimsoll Crt (#20)
8.00 amGlad-Benaraby Rd (Wakooka)3.53 pmOld Tannum Rd (opp. Applin Pl)
8.15 amToolooa State High School3.55 pmSilverton Dr (#51)
8.25 amChanel College3.57 pmSilverton Dr (#6)
8.35 amGladstone State High School4.00 pmTannum Central (opp)