New special needs school bus service for Gladstone

Special Needs School Bus Buslink

Buslink is happy to announce the acquisition of the special needs school bus runs for Rosella Park School Gladstone, to transport students to and from Tannum Sands and Calliope, which came into effect early October 2016.

We understood continuity of service for the students was important, so we are pleased that all four staff members from the previous operator agreed to join our Buslink team. They will continue to be a part of the students same daily routine, with the only difference being a new logo on the side of the bus!

To explain the change, we sent out letters to parents/guardians alongside handing out “welcome” packs for students including a Buslink water bottle and cap, which were both well received.

We look forward to providing students with a friendly, safe and timely journey, to and from school.